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ENVY EVOO has earned the Bio-Hellas Certificate of Authenticity, EU Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Fresh and fruity olive taste, with a peppery robust finish

And it contains a very high level of the antioxidizing Vitamin E!

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Since 1850

  • Made in Merkouri Argolida, an ancient place, near the foothills of Mount Peninsula
  • Grown in nutrient rich soil, perfect climate and beautiful landscape
  • Certified Bio-Hellas Organic
  • Full-bodied Olive Oil, with a distinctive rich flavour and aroma

What Customers Say

Ever since I tried ENVY EVOO, over a year ago, It has been a constant staple in my kitchen. Whether it is just in a salad dressing, or simply tossed into
pasta , brushed over grilled vegetables or over a freshly barbecued chicken, ENVY EVOO will add a flavor that will make an ordinary meal a step above. From the moment the bottle is opened, the intense aroma of fresh olives is absolutely divine . A chunk of fresh crusty baguette dipped in ENVY……mmmmmm and you are hooked.
Sue Colasimone, Customer
ENVY EVOO is the best I’ve tasted. A little goes along way , the flavour is rich, peppery finish. Absolutely delicious. The only olive oil I now use (and my family too)
Brenda Loomans, Customer
While there has been so much talk about the positive health relevant chemicals found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and the affects EVOO
has on heart, cancer and weight loss, to me, it just tastes great. ENVY EVOO is part of our family enjoyment every day. The wow factor of taking ENVY as a hostess gift is a great alternative to wine, and Suzie makes up great gift bags as well. I’m not brushing my teeth with it yet, But…… Make ENVY part of your day, and say good bye to that cholesterol forming butter
Mitchell, Debbie and Madison Gibbs, Burlington Residents
For years I purchased Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the grocery store, not realizing that it wasn’t pure olive oil.  Then I was introduced to ENVY EVOO – the real stuff, right from Greece!  I love that it is organic and pure, made from the best quality olives.  There is no comparison…all those years we missed out on the real flavor…I can’t go back!
Nancy, Customer
I love ENVY EVOO on my salads especially. It is so light and delicious. Toss some arugula with A little olive oil, fresh lemon juice , salt and pepper , topped with shaved Parmesan and you have the perfect fresh tasting salad.
Susan Sgro, Customer
After trying one bottle I am hooked on ENVY EVOO!!  I am now on my second case and am having a hard time sharing!  Best olive oil I have ever tasted and believe me I have tasted a lot.
Michelle Hughes, Customer
Dans ma vie ses le meilleur huile d’olive que j’ai goûter!
Andree, Customer